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Living in Toronto

Photo: Toronto Skyline.Mount Sinai Hospital is located in downtown Toronto, Canada's largest city. With almost 5 million people in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) there is something for everyone. Restaurants offering cuisine from around the world, shopping, entertainment, parks, galleries and museums, and a lakefront are just the beginning of this culturally diverse city.

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Toronto is a hub for transportation by plane, bus, train and even boat. The hospital is located on a subway line and is also near a major expressway and the GO train system so you can get to work fairly easily, even if you live outside the city.

Moving to another place is a significant decision. You have a lot of aspects of your life to consider. As your potential employer, we can tell you what to expect from working at Mount Sinai Hospital. But it is equally important to know what you could expect from living in Toronto.

Here are a few sites to help you learn more about life in Toronto.


Government (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)) (Human Resources Development Canada))

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