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Welcome to the GenetiKit Project

GenetiKit is an evaluation of the impact of a multifaceted intervention to enhance the delivery of genetics services by family physicians.

  • To help family physicians think “genetically”
  • To increase knowledge about genetic testing for common disorders
  • To give family physicians a framework for assessing the usefulness of new genetic tests
The Research Team:

Dr. June Carroll, Family Physician, Mount Sinai Hospital , Toronto
Dr. Judith Allanson, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Dr. Brenda Wilson, University of Ottawa
Dr. Sean Blaine, Family Physician, Stratford
Dr. Dave Davis, University of Toronto<
Dr. Mike Evans, University of Toronto
Dr. Ian Graham, University of Ottawa
Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw, University of Ottawa
Dr. Wendy Meschino, North York General Hospital
Carol Cremin, Genetic Counsellor
Heather Dorman, Genetic Counsellor
Clare Gibbons, Genetic Counsellor
Cathy Gilpin, Genetic Counsellor
Christina Honeywell, Genetic Counsellor
Joanne Permaul, Research Associate

Study Protocol

The Genetics Tool Kit:
MainPro Credits

This program meets the accreditation criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and has been accredited for 1.0 Mainpro M1 credit.

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Joanne Permaul, BSc(Hons), CCRP
Research Associate, Department of Family Medicine

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